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The Mini Mooo’s website is designed to fulfill two main functions. On the front end, the audience can browse and gain information about the school without any safety risks to the students. On the back end, we’ve created and designed a secure forum that allows the parents and the school to communicate through means of private message boards and forum posts.


In terms of what the public audience sees, we have created a very nurturing, modern feel by incorporating images of child’s play such as mud and running, with a light white overlay to give even the mud a clean, modern look.


Some of the main features include; a video showcase, a secure forum, and events calendar.


Check their site out here:

Website Features

  • Multiple Page Website
  • WordPress Template Based
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Forum Function
  • Animated Slider
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Custom Fonts

Website Preview

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