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Valentines Day Is Coming

Valentines Day is coming

Valentines Day content updates

Dear Client,

We hope you have had a wonderful New Year.

Valentines Day is approaching, it’s time to use your website to your advantage.

In terms of web and email marketing, we have some new ideas and have developed some new tools, feel free to inquire if you are interested.

To avoid any delays in Content Changes This Valentines Day

Send us any and all Valentines Day Content that you wish to have displayed on your website. These changes take time so don’t leave it too late.

Content changes usually have a turn around time of about 3 days, so send your content early to avoid a late update.

Please attach all relevant text and media content in a detailed email to our help desk.

Remember to be clear, tell us where you would like the content to be placed within your website.

We thank you in advance.

Kindest regards

Define Digital Team

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